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1. The collection of songs that a publisher controls or administers.

2. A songwriter’s repertoire of songs.


1. The right to copy.

2. A body of exclusive rights granted by statute to authors for protection of their writings. It includes the exclusive right to make and publish copies of the copyrighted work, to make other versions of the work, and, with certain limitations, to make recordings of the work and to perform the work in public.

Mechanical Copyright Protection Society

The UK statutory body that licenses all forms of mechanical reproductions of a musical composition. Examples of such mechanical reproductions are audio products, audio visual works, downloadable music and broadcast.

Photocopy license

The form of permission that authorises one to make photocopies of printed music (ie photocopies of single sheet music, songbooks, etc).


The company or individual who administers or controls the copyright on a song.

Public domain

This term is used to describe songs whose copyright has expired. You don’t need to get permission from a publisher to use public domain songs.

Print license

The form of permission that authorises one to print the lyrics and/or music for a song.

Performing Rights Society (PRS)

The UK statuary body responsible for collecting performance royalties for publishers and songwriters.

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