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What does Song Solutions provide?

Specifically geared to Music Publishers and catalogue owners we have established over the last 26 years a first rate service through our global network of offices and can offer a full World service or specific territories tailored to your individual needs.

By focusing our energies on maximum efficiency, low cost and impartiality, we have the trust and confidence of a wide range of well known publishers.

Our network has close links with local worshipping communities, Christian music organisations, PRO’s and local collection societies in each territory. Translations are handled with sensitivity to local language nuances and interpretation ensuring they are as close as possible to the original lyrics. All licensing requests are handled in a helpful, friendly and professional manner.

Royalties are collated through our International UK office which is responsible for supplying royalty statements and payments to our clients.

We offer a five star service of copyright maintenance, and commercial management that will be focused on the following services:

Registration of your songs with all appropriate bodies

Dealing with enquiries in relation to your catalogue

Control of usage, accuracy, etc.

Preparation of statements

Collection of royalties due from all sources

Remittance of royalties bi-annually or quarterly

Issuing of all non-commercial and commercial licences

Translations (optional)

There are three agreements available for publishers or catalogue owners.

  • STANDARD – A full administration deal with an itemised statement of royalties and payment.
  • STANDARD PLUS – As above with the additional supply of prepared writers statements.
  • EXECUTIVE – As above with the additional responsibility to pay the writers directly on behalf of the client.

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Our Clients

We currently represent around 100 publishers in many parts of the world. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Bethel Music
  • CN Publishing
  • CopyrightSolver
  • Daybreak Music
  • Daywind Music Publishing
  • Fun Attic Music
  • HarperCollins Religious
  • Hillsong Music Publishing
  • Movation Music
  • Moon and Musky Music
  • Music Services
  • Praise Charts
  • Salvationist Publishing & Supplies Ltd
  • Shout! Music Publishing
  • Small Stone Media BV
  • Songs of Greater Vision
  • Sunset Gallery Music
  • The Copyright Company
  • The Loving Company
  • The Servants of the Word
  • Vineyard Songs UK/Eire
  • Vineyard USA
  • Watershed Publishing
  • Word Entertainment Inc.

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