Licensing songs for different uses can be a complicated process. But we can take the pain away!

Here's what you need to know.

Printing Copying and Reproduction

If you are reproducing a part or all of a musical work or a text in graphic form, either on paper, or in electronic format you will require a Reproduction Licence. Download it here.

Audio Recordings

If you wish to make an audio recording of any of the music we administrate and to duplicate and distribute that recording physically (for example, as a CD) or on-line, a mechanical reproduction licence is required.

If you are in the UK then this can be obtained from PRS for Music at

For outside UK download this Mechanical request form

Please email your completed form to info@songsolutions.


If you wish to use a song in a language where there is no authorised translation you may submit a translation for approval by the original owner. There are no guarantees this will be accepted so please ensure you have not recorded or printed your version before a decision has been made. Download our Translation Request Form here.

Music Arrangements

We may grant permission for arrangements of music we administrate.

Examples of frequent requests include:

  • Arranging a mixed-voice work for upper voices
  • Producing an orchestral accompaniment for a work which currently only has a piano accompaniment
  • Transcribing a work originally for a certain instrument for another instrument, e.g. from violin to viola

Download your music arrangement request form here.

Performance, Radio Broadcasting and Streaming

A licence is required to perform, broadcast, or stream the music we administrate.

Examples of frequent types of use include:

  • Performance of a work in a public concert
  • Broadcast of a work on a radio station
  • Streaming a recording or performance of a work from a website

If a work is written for the stage (e.g. an opera or ballet) or is written for concert performance but will be used with staged action, lighting, or dance, the type of work is referred to below as a Grand Right work. If the work is written for concert or church use, and is to be performed in a concert situation, the type of work is referred to below as a Small Right work.

From the UK

Small Right work: please contact PRS for Music to arrange the rights.

Grand Right work: please complete the Performing Licence Request form.

From the Rest of World

Small and Grand Right works: please complete the Performing Licence Request form which we will forward to the appropriate licensing agency.

Download our Broadcast Request Form here.

Synchronisation with pictures

If you wish to use recordings of music we administrate within a film, television advertisement, or in any other visual or multi-media product, a licence is required.

Examples of frequent types of use include:

  • DVD recording of a concert at which music is played
  • Background or title music in a presentation DVD
  • Background or title music in a feature film
  • Music used in a television commercial

Download your Sync Request Form here.

Livestreaming for UK Churches

If your church is live streaming its services on any platform and including the use of music then we recommend that you purchase the Church Streaming License (CSL) from CCLI.

If you are also using master recordings, full tracks or backing tracks then we recommend that you purchase the Church Streaming Plus License (CS+L).

Additionally, if you are streaming from your own website we recommend that you purchase the Limited Online Music License (LOML) from PRS.

Live streaming on YouTube or Facebook is covered for the use of music by existing agreements that these services have with the Performing Rights Society (PRS). These agreements do NOT cover the embedding/display of lyrics or the use of master recordings. Other services such as Skype and Zoom do not have agreements in place so if streaming via these or from your own website you will need the CCLI CSL (or CS+L) and PRS LOML licenses.
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